In this project, I collaborated with Dr. Denine Rood of Lily Lane Consulting to design a 100-page interactive workbook PDF that guides two-year colleges through the challenging reaccreditation process with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). As an enthusiastic editor and graphic designer, my drive was to infuse the project with a calming and professional atmosphere, aiming to inspire and empower future users. Knowing that Dr. Rood would utilize this tool in her future consulting business, I focused on crafting an engaging and empowering experience that would equip her clients to conquer any challenge they encounter during the reaccreditation process.
Branding Board
The color palette and repeating assets played a pivotal role in setting the overall tone of the design. To evoke a sense of calm and motivated professionalism, I carefully selected soothing shades like cadet blue and warm earthy tones. These colors were strategically infused throughout the workbook to create a calm and grounded ambiance, allowing the readers to feel in control and motivated as they navigate the intricacies of reaccreditation.  The Repeating lines of blending gradients evoke feelings of orders and careful steps.
Hand-drawn icons were thoughtfully incorporated, matching the tone of Dr. Rood's commentary. These illustrations brought a touch of warmth and approachability to the design, making the complex reaccreditation process feel more relatable. By carefully placing these charming icons alongside key points and instructions, the workbook exuded a welcoming energy, inviting the project team to explore the content with ease and enthusiasm. The combination of clean typography, ample white space, and these playful hand-drawn elements created a perfect balance, making the workbook not only visually engaging but also exceptionally user-friendly and encouraging. Just like sharing a casual conversation with a helpful mentor, these icons contributed to the overall sense of camaraderie and support, inspiring the project team to embrace the reaccreditation challenge with a positive outlook.
Sample Pages
The interactive elements further elevated the experience, allowing the readers to interact with the content seamlessly. From clickable links to interactive checklists, the design fostered a feeling of progression and accomplishment, making the reaccreditation process feel more manageable and achievable.
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I'm proud of the impact this project has made, not only in assisting educational institutions but also in showcasing my expertise in creating designs that evoke emotions and motivate positive action. I'm excited about future opportunities to collaborate with clients and organizations, channeling creativity and design to bring transformative ideas to life.
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